Risks of Contact Lenses

Dec 13, 2018

Risks of Contact LensesAccording to the CDC, nearly 45 million people wear contacts in the U.S. While contact lenses are chosen as an alternative to wearing glasses all the time, there are actually a lot of risks and side effects associated with contact use, especially when compared to the side effects and risks of LASIK.


The most recent Patient Reported Outcomes with LASIK (PROWL) study found that patients who use daily wear contacts are 10 times more likely to get an infection than patients who have LASIK procedure. Patients who wear extended wear contacts are 34 times more likely to get an infection than patients who have LASIK. The risk of infection can be attributed to improper care of the contacts, such as not cleaning the lenses correctly or not replacing them often enough. With LASIK, the risk of infection is very minimal, even during the recovery time.

Dry Eyes

This same study found that extended contact use caused dry eyes in more patients compared to those who had LASIK after wearing contacts.


The PROWL study also measured patient satisfaction with LASIK compared to contact lenses, and 87% of patients said that they strongly agree that LASIK works better for them than contacts.

Overall, patients who had LASIK were more satisfied and had better outcomes than patients who continued to wear contacts. Risks with LASIK are very minimal, even during the recovery process.

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