Even with insurance, traditional vision correction can be expensive, and spending your time and money on eye exams, glasses and contacts can be frustrating. But, contrary to popular belief, LASIK is actually more cost-effective over time, saving you time and money. LASIK cost can be confusing because of all the different prices and offers that are advertised in the market. You might see a special offer for $250 per eye, or maybe $1,000 for a lifetime plan. But, these prices are misleading and don’t usually apply to the average patient. 

At Elite LASIK & Cataract, our goal has always been to bring you the best vision correction experience possible. We know that eye care can come at a cost, but our dedication to quality and commitment to never cutting corners means that we work hard to make our services accessible to people everywhere.

Cost of LASIK vs. Glasses and Contacts

The industry average for LASIK surgery is about $5,000 or less. Buying contact solution and cases alone will cost you $5,400 in your lifetime. For traditional vision correction equipment, like contacts or glasses, you could spend anywhere from $12,000 – $36,000. Without LASIK, you could be spending nearly $60,000 on traditional vision correction, compared to the average $5,000 LASIK surgery cost.

Beware of Low Starting Prices for LASIK

Some providers may advertise an inexpensive starting price for the procedure, but the patient has to meet multiple requirements to qualify. The low price could be for patients who have insurance coverage for the procedure, which is not common, as most insurance companies do not cover LASIK costs. Or, the price advertised could only cover up to a certain amount of prescription correction, with additional costs for the type of laser used or astigmatism. While the cost may start at a lower price, the average price for LASIK is between $1,800 and $2,200 per eye.

“Deals” on LASIK

Another red flag to watch out for with “deals” on LASIK is the type of laser that will be used. Some providers may advertise a special price on procedures that are done with an older, generic laser instead of a new custom laser. At Elite Lasik & Cataract we offer the Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond laser – the most precise laser when performing LASIK or SMILE. This is a soft docking laser that does not cause as much pressure and discomfort for patients as other lasers, and it is expected that patients will reach 20/20 vision if not better. We also work with one of the fastest excimer lasers, Alcon Wavelight Ex500, that can reshape the cornea in seconds and provide great results with our LASIK and PRK patients. So, when it comes to the health of your eyes, getting a “deal” might not be the most important factor in deciding where to go.

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How We Make LASIK Affordable

Lifetime Value

When first exploring their options for LASIK, one of the first things we encourage patients to look at is an affordability calculator. This helps you consider the cost of LASIK vs. a lifetime of corrective eyewear. For many people, LASIK actually saves money in the long run. Not to mention the intangible benefit of the freedom of waking every day and seeing the world in vivid clarity.


Fair Prices

We make our pricing competitive with the rest of the industry, with a key difference: ELITE LASIK and Cataract is the only place where you’ll receive this kind of exceptional experience that you get with us for the price of your surgery. Unlike some of the budget LASIK providers in the area, we go the extra mile, doing things like having your surgeon meet with you personally before the day of your procedure, and making sure you’re comfortable before, during, and after surgery.


Additional Discounts

To show our appreciation for our military, we offer a discount on our Lifetime Plan to active-duty service people and veterans. We do also have a referral program that can lower LASIK surgery costs with us.

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No Strings Attached for Life

Some Lifetime plans will become void under certain circumstances, especially if you don’t have annual exams. We offer a no strings attached LASIK Lifetime plan, which allows for a refinement or enhancement procedure at no further cost until you get cataracts. We do enhancement procedures on our patients for years after their initial surgery, and you don’t have to have annual eye exams or checkups to keep it valid.

LASIK Eye Surgery Financing in Indianapolis

LASIK is an elective surgery and therefore not covered by insurance, except in very rare cases. Taking that into account, we have put together a number of great ways to make paying for your LASIK surgery easier. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless patients and have seen what works best for a wide variety of people.

Take a look below to see some of the options for both payment and financing we have available.

How Much Is LASIK Without Insurance?

LASIK on average costs $5,000. This can seem like a big expense, but it doesn’t have to be. While insurance typically does not cover a LASIK procedure, we do offer several payment and financing options to suit your individual needs:

  • Cash, Check, and Cards: We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cash or cashier’s checks.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA): These tax-free accounts allow patients the freedom to choose how to spend their healthcare dollars are typically usable on LASIK surgery costs. Please contact your service provider for further details on your account.
Payment Options

LASIK Financing Options

We strive to make LASIK affordable for everyone and we understand that financing is the better or more flexible option for many people, which is why we offer financing options for our patients through CareCredit and Alphaeon. Both can be used for the Standard or Premium lifetime plans. We encourage everyone to look at the following options we’ve worked with. Our dedicated staff can help you choose the right program for you.

  • Alphaeon Credit: Alphaeon is a revolving credit line with various no-interest or with-interest payment options. Their Standard plan is acceptable for 12 months of interest-free payments, and the Premium Lifetime option is available for 18 months of interest-free payments.
  • CareCredit: CareCredit is a healthcare credit card available to our Premium Lifetime Plan patients at no interest if paid in full in 24 Months, and to our One Year Plan patients at no interest, if paid in full in 12 Months.

What Patients Have to Say…

Katelynn Kiehl
Katelynn Kiehl
December 21, 2022.
I rarely leave reviews but I felt I absolutely had to here to help others who are researching their best option for lasik or any of their corrective surgeries. Seriously look no further!! The staff here are beyond friendly, accommodating, empathetic, knowledgeable, helpful, and you can just tell they’re not just following some set of company guidelines that tell them to be nice to clients, they genuinely care about you. I went in for my free consultation at the end of July and was told while I didn’t qualify for lasik (based on shape of my cornea I think?) I did qualify for PRK and the doctor thoroughly explained that procedure and what it would entail from surgery day all the way through recovery and beyond. I was scheduled for PRK on Aug 5th and from the moment I walked in til the moment I left on surgery day, I was extremely well taken care of and I COULD SEE!! For the first time in 25 years I could see without glasses. The doctors told me what each day of recovery would look like and they were spot on!! I experienced no pain, but some mild irritation on recovery day 3 and sensitivity to light and eyes were watery. Vision was blurry for about a week, so I did have to take a couple more days off work than I planned to (doctor told me I should have planned for a week ahead of time, I should have listened.) For about a month after surgery, I wasn’t quite 20/20 but I could see! Seeing signs off in the distance was still a bit blurred but could definitely see well enough to function. I just kept slowly but surely gaining better eyesight as I healed. I just had my 3 month check up a couple weeks ago and I am 20/20 and can read on the 20/15 line! While PRK is a longer recovery process than lasik, it is worth it!! I wouldn’t change a thing and cannot think the doctors and their team enough. I can’t think of anywhere I’ve ever been where I’ve gotten better customer service. I hope this helps anyone who needed help making a decision on where to go for their vision!
Jesssica Wayman
Jesssica Wayman
December 20, 2022.
Had my lasik done about a week & 1/2 ago and could not be more happy! Libby the technician was fantastic! Dr. Massela was great and Dr. Davis who preformed my surgery was amazing! Everyone made me feel at ease and I definitely recommend this place. I can see 20/20 and even slightly better. Thank you Elite Lasik!
Breanna Orsi
Breanna Orsi
December 15, 2022.
The staff, the office, literally everything about this company is phenomenal. They were so helpful and accommodating as I traveled from out of state for the SMILE procedure. I am so grateful for how they’ve helped change my vision for the better!
Kate Goodyear
Kate Goodyear
December 15, 2022.
Elite Lasik provided a great, seamless, journey to gaining 20/20 vision! Their staff was very friendly and always willing to answer any questions. Definitely recommend getting a consultation here if you are interested in getting lasik done.
Barbara Logan
Barbara Logan
December 5, 2022.
I had Refractive Lens Exchange about 6 months ago and I am extremely pleased with the results. It has been life-changing to have clear, sharp vision. I can’t ever remember being able to see this well. I have not needed my contact lenses or reading glasses since the procedure. My night vision has improved dramatically. The procedure was painless, the people were wonderful, and the recovery was quick. I wish I would have had RLE years ago. Thank you, Elite!!
James Jordan
James Jordan
December 2, 2022.
Amazing place The ladies are just phenomenal. One week out and I'm at 2020 after wearing glasses for over 30 years.
laila abdalla
laila abdalla
November 23, 2022.
this place is genuinely amazing. the staff is so friendly! ive felt so welcomed there. yesterday i had my LASIK procedure done and i couldnt be happier with my results. the procedure was quick and painless. if you are on the fence about getting LASIK this is your sign to do it!!!! (they also play really good music and have really good snacks)
Mackenzie Tarble
Mackenzie Tarble
November 3, 2022.
I had a really great experience with all the staff and front office people. Libby and Keisha were super polite and always made me feel very comfortable. While the procedure was slightly uncomfortable for the first few hours right after, it was completely worth it and when I had questions the staff answered all of them in a timely and calm manner. My vision is now 20/15 and I’m pretty sure it’s better than even before I needed contacts as a kid! Would definitely recommend and will do so for any of my friends that want the same great service as I got. Thanks!

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We hope you have a good understanding of the payment and financing options available to you and how LASIK can be your most affordable path to a future of crystal-clear vision. We pride ourselves in exceptional service with competitive pricing below the industry average. We believe in clarity in vision AND clarity in pricing. To start your journey, or if you have any questions, our staff is always more than happy to help. Give us a call at (317) 202-0669 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.