Always Let Us Know About Any Sudden
Changes in Your Eyes

Please notify our office at (317) 202-0669 if you experience sudden blurry vision, pain, or other abrupt and intense symptoms that don’t subside with the treatments we provide to you after your procedure, including medicated eye drops and artificial tears.

If you believe you need urgent medical attention, the after-hours emergency telephone number for our on-call doctor is (317) 202-0669.

After Procedure Care

While recovery is different from individual to individual and for each of the procedures offered by the Elite LASIK & Cataract, after procedure care is crucial to allow for appropriate healing time, minimize discomfort, and provide clearer vision for patients.

At Elite LASIK & Cataract, we take post-procedure care as seriously as the procedures themselves. It is our goal to provide patients with the best visual result while maintaining the safety and health of their eyes.

After Procedure Care

Procedure Specific Tips


After a brief post-op exam, you’ll be released to go home, where you should nap or sleep to keep your eyes closed, hydrated, and protected. You may experience some side effects during the first 24 hours, including mild discomfort, itchiness, puffiness, and blurry vision, but this is normal and will pass soon. Most of your recovery happens over a few days, but complete recovery and achieving your best possible vision will take several weeks. 

  • Use the eye shield and eyedrops we provide
  • Don’t use makeup or certain facial treatments
  • Use eye protection like goggles during tasks that may expose your eyes to dust or liquid, such as cleaning and showering
  • Avoid strenuous activity like contact sports or swimming

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PRK is a very similar procedure to LASIK. It has most of the same recovery expectations, but these expectations typically take place on a different timeline. PRK may be a better fit for some patients, but your eyes tend to take a bit longer to heal after surgery. For instance, it may take a couple of days rather than just one to get past post-op side effects. Long-term recovery is otherwise similar.

  • Use provided materials, such as eye shields and eye drops
  • Do not apply makeup or other facial washes or treatments
  • Use protective eyewear during showers, in dusty environments, or while cleaning
  • Be careful about strenuous activity, and avoid contact sports or swimming

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SMILE is one of the most advancedLASIK  alternatives on the market today — it’s minimally invasive, meaning a quicker and easier recovery! Due to the minimally invasive process, SMILE can be completed quicker and with less interaction with the eye than similar procedures. This makes it a great fit for patients with sensitive eyes, or anyone looking for the fastest possible recovery!

  • Be sure to use eye shields and eyewear protection whenever possible
  • Make use of your prescribed eyedrops to improve healing times
  • Don’t enter dusty, pollen-filled, dirty, or smoky environments for at least week
  • Avoid strenuous activity that puts pressure on the eyes — such as exercise — for at least a few days

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RLE is fairly similar to LASIK in both how soon you can expect to see results, and the length of physical recovery. Most patients will see a drastic improvement within 24 hours, which continues to improve over a couple of weeks. Initial side effects may differ slightly from LASIK, due to the different nature of the procedure, but they’re generally just as brief and manageable.

  • Wear whatever eye protection, and use the eye drops, we provide to you
  • Get plenty of rest to allow your eyes to heal
  • Don’t participate in strenuous physical activities until your doctor says it’s okay
  • Avoid dusty or dirty environments, or irritants such as makeup or some face washes

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