Cautions About Bait & Switch Pricing for LASIK

Dec 20, 2019

LASIK Cost Indianapolis

If you’ve seen advertisements for LASIK surgery “starting at $250 per eye,” you may be wondering if these deals are too good to be true. Can a LASIK surgeon really perform a safe and effective procedure for this price, or is this just a marketing tactic? In this post, the team at The 20/20 Institute discusses how bait and switch pricing is being used on potential LASIK patients.

Bait and Switch LASIK Providers

A “bait and switch” is an age-old sales tactic. A customer is enticed by an advertisement promising a low price. Once they arrive to purchase the item, they are convinced to buy a more expensive product or service.

How is this tactic being used to sell LASIK procedures? Ads promise LASIK starting at $220 an eye, $250 an eye, or some other unbelievably low price. If you look at the fine print, you may see that this deal is subject to certain conditions or is only available for qualifying patients.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most people you will not qualify for this ultra-low-priced LASIK offering for several reasons:

  • You may need to have “qualifying insurance”
  • It may only be offered to patients with very low prescriptions
  • You may be disqualified if you have previously had any type of laser vision correction

In addition, the small percentage of people who may qualify for this deal may be required to allow older technology to be used during their procedure.

What’s the Real Price of LASIK?

Patients who don’t qualify for the “$250 an eye” LASIK may be charged five to ten times that amount at these national LASIK providers. This amount will usually be closer to $2000 per eye, which is the average price of LASIK nationwide.

Instead of trying to get the cheapest LASIK deal, you may want to consider a LASIK provider that provides proof of their success rates and guarantees your results. At The 20/20 Institute, we also offer competitive pricing.

You can receive a personalized LASIK quote by scheduling a consultation. We can also discuss your payment options, including 24-month, interest-free payment plans and lines of credit.

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