LASIK During Childbearing Years

Jan 15, 2019

LASIK During Childbearing Years

A woman’s childbearing years are some of the most active years, which is why it is such a great time to have LASIK. You don’t want to worry about glasses or contacts when you’re playing with your kids or getting up in the middle of the night to feed them!

If you’re wanting to have LASIK, it is advised that you don’t have the procedure while you are pregnant; however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have LASIK during your childbearing years.


Pregnancy and LASIK

During pregnancy, many women may experience dry eyes, which makes wearing contacts uncomfortable. Dry eyes can also hinder the healing process after LASIK procedure.

Before LASIK procedure, an oral sedative, like Valium, is often given to the patient to help them relax. During and after the procedure, patients use steroid and/or antibiotic eye drops that help prevent infection and reduce inflammation. All of these substances could potentially be harmful to an unborn child.These medications are one of the main reasons why it is not recommended to have LASIK when you are pregnant. But, it is safe to have the procedure before or after pregnancy as long as your prescription is stable.


Nursing and LASIK

As long as you have a stable prescription, LASIK can be done while you are nursing. However, it is important to “pump and dump” for 24 hours after taking the Valium for the procedure.


LASIK During Childbearing Years

It is recommended that pregnant woman do not have LASIK procedure during their pregnancy. But, it IS recommended to have LASIK during your childbearing years. During this time, your prescription should be stable, and you don’t want to worry about glasses or contacts during the most active years of your life! LASIK can help you see more clearly when you get up in the middle of the night to take care of your baby, when you’re reading them a bedtime story, and when you’re helping them with schoolwork.

So don’t let glasses or contacts slow you down when you need to keep up with your kids! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!