Can the LASIK Flap Cause Problems Later On?

Dec 14, 2018

LASIK Flap can Cause ProblemsWhen patients start looking into getting LASIK, some are hesitant after hearing about the flap that is created on the eye during the procedure. There are myths out there that claim that the flap can come up or cause problems later on, but in reality, the risk of the LASIK flap being manipulated is very minimal.

Below is a breakdown of how the flap is created and how safe the flap is.


LASIK Flap Creation

At 20/20 Institute, all of our procedures are bladeless, which means we create the flap with a laser. Before we create the flap, you will receive some numbing drops when you go into the surgery suite. After the laser calibrates, you will be asked to focus on a green light, and then the surgeon will create the flap. The flap creation takes less than 30 seconds per eye. After the flap is created, the vision correction treatment is administered.


Minimal Risks

LASIK is a very safe procedure that has minimal side effects. The modern LASIK flap will heal completely, and after about a year, it is almost impossible to manipulate. This is why LASIK is an approved procedure for military personnel, first responders and pilots.


If you have questions about LASIK, we’re happy to help. You can contact us online or call our office to speak to our vision consultants who will answer all of your questions. If you’re interested in the procedure, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation!