Why 20/20

Feb 16, 2014

Why Should You Pick 20/20?

When considering LASIK laser eye surgery in Indianapolis, you want to be absolutely sure you are choosing the right team, the right technology and the right procedure for you.

And, while no medical procedure’s outcome can be guaranteed 100%, the LASIK provider you choose will significantly impact your visual results. That’s why at 20/20 Institute Indianapolis, we encourage you to ask questions and consider every aspect of your LASIK experience—from the initial telephone consultation to your long-term follow-up care.

When you compare Indianapolis LASIK surgery providers, we’re confident you’ll agree that there is no better place in the world to have your vision corrected than at 20/20 Institute. From our world-class results and board-certified ophthalmologists to our patient-centered philosophy, we offer a level of service and care that is unsurpassed by any other provider.

Our experienced independent board certified ophthalmologists treat each and every LASIK patient with our advanced Laser technology. Our high candidacy standards, quality patient care and unsurpassed customer service adds up to a LASIK experience you can count on.

  • No matter how irritated they feel, don’t rub your eyes. It can damage the corneal flap, and may require your doctor to readjust it.
  • Hot tubs, steam rooms and swimming pools can harbor infectious bacteria, so it is important to avoid them for the first week as you recover.
  • Pay attention to how long you’re staring at a screen at work or school as long periods of looking at an electronic device can increase dryness. If you need to use the computer for long hours in a day, be sure to take breaks and use your artificial tears.
  • Sports and exercise is fine, however be gentle with yourself, avoiding high-impact sports and exercise. Use a towel or sweatband to stop sweat from getting into your eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses with full UV protection when outside. The sunglasses also help to prevent wind from drying out your eyes.

The 20/20 Institute Difference*:

  • Every LASIK procedure is Bladeless Wavefront LASIK for an incredible low price
  • Every LASIK patient receives our World Class Customer Service
  • Every one of our surgeons is a Board Certified experienced LASIK specialist
  • Every LASIK comes with Our Low Price Guarantee
  • Every procedure is backed by our 20/20 or it’s Free LASIK Guarantee

Thousands of Hoosiers have Trusted 20/20 Institute for LASIK

Get started today and discover if you can eliminate or reduce your need for Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses. Our experienced LASIK Counselors are ready to answer your questions and assist you in starting your Free LASIK Consultation.

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