LASIK Recovery Tips

Aug 7, 2015

LASIK surgery is one of the most popular forms of vision correction in the world today. Most people who undergo the procedure say that it was one of the best decisions they have ever made for improving their quality of life. The ability to experience the world around you without a daily dependency on glasses or contacts to perform functions like driving, working and sports lead to a deeper enjoyment of your day.

When people begin to explore LASIK eye surgery in Indianapolis they have many questions; especially around the visual outcome, safety, recovery time, and procedure types. Our LASIK Institute is committed to helping you make well-informed decisions so that you and your family can make choices with confidence and peace of mind.

Most patients tell us that they choose 20/20 Institute because their friends and family have told them that having LASIK at 20/20 Institute is one of the best experiences that they have ever had in their lives.

Lifestyle Tips for the Best LASIK Recovery

  • No matter how irritated they feel, don’t rub your eyes. It can damage the corneal flap, and may require your doctor to readjust it.
  • Hot tubs, steam rooms and swimming pools can harbor infectious bacteria, so it is important to avoid them for the first week as you recover.
  • Pay attention to how long you’re staring at a screen at work or school as long periods of looking at an electronic device can increase dryness. If you need to use the computer for long hours in a day, be sure to take breaks and use your artificial tears.
  • Sports and exercise is fine, however be gentle with yourself, avoiding high-impact sports and exercise. Use a towel or sweatband to stop sweat from getting into your eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses with full UV protection when outside. The sunglasses also help to prevent wind from drying out your eyes.

What Should I Expect After LASIK Eye Surgery at 20/20 Institute?

The First 24 Hours

20/20 Institute in Indianapolis is a patient-friendly, 15 minute outpatient procedure. Upon completion of the surgery, you’ll be given a cool pair of sunglasses to wear home. Since we provide you a pill to relax you before and after your procedure, we ask that you bring a driver to take you home.

On the first night after your procedure, it is best to simply just rest and sleep. As much as you might want to rub your eyes, it is important that you don’t, so that your eyes may heal properly. To help combat the desire to rub your eyes, we will ask you instead to use lubricating eye drops. Also, for the first few nights when you sleep you will wear protective eyewear (which we will provide) that prevents you from rubbing your eyes during your slumber.

Your 20/20 Institute doctors will want to follow up with you the next morning after your surgery to ensure that your eyes are healing well, and will continue to monitor your improvements as you heal. When you make your first visit in the morning, you will mostly likely achieve 90-95% of your desired vision. Most patients see 20/20 or better by the very next morning. Vision is usually good enough to return to work the very next day after LASIK.

It is normal in the first few weeks after LASIK surgery to feel some dryness, although artificial tears usually relieve this symptom. This is a common side effect following LASIK and will pass. Some patients’ eyes don’t feel dry or irritated, but it is important to use the artificial tears anyway so that your eyes have the best environment to heal. It is important that utilize all eye drops prescribed by the doctor during your first week of healing. Some patients may also experience increased sensitivity to light, which can be alleviated by using sunglasses while outdoors.

20/20 Institute LASIK 5 or 6 Day Check-up

By now you are most likely at your desired visual result and telling your friends, family, and even strangers you meet on the street about your amazing new life after LASIK! You may be noticing slight fluctuations in vision due to corneal inflammation from your surgery. This is completely normal and generally will subside as your healing process continues.

We like to inform patients that due to these slight fluctuations they should try to not get emotionally attached to any one vision during the first two weeks. Some people see halos around lights at night for the first few months as well; this will tend to subside and most patients report this symptom goes away. Your 20/20 Institute doctor will ask that you refrain from eye make-up for the first weekend and refrain from swimming for the first week. You should follow your doctor’s postoperative instructions during your LASIK recovery time to ensure optimal healing.

1 Month Check-up

At this stage, most people are recovered and have been enjoying their incredible new vision and freedom from lenses. Most patients report to us that normal post-operative symptoms have subsided at this point. However, it is not uncommon for eyes to continue to heal for at least 3 months after LASIK, which means your vision may also continue to improve.

For patients with more severe prescriptions, there might be a healing time of up to 6 months, as the eyes continue to adapt to their new level of clarity. Some people going through this longer recovery find temporarily that it is a little difficult to drive at night. The doctor will be able to tell if your specific situation is within the normal range of recovery, or if further care is required.

How Will I Know if I Need a LASIK Refinement in the Future?

Since every eye may heal a little differently, a minority of people will need a refinement or a LASIK touch up in the future to achieve their best vision. During your LASIK recovery time, you and your doctor will determine if you need refinement to fine-tune your sight, and he or she will suggest the best way of proceeding to achieve optimal results.

Above all, remember 20/20 Institute’s pledge to you:

Our entire team is here for your support. Never hesitate to reach out to us when you have questions on LASIK costs, or any other questions about our LASIK procedures.

LASIK eye surgery can change your life. We are committed to guiding you through the process in a way that best serves you and your family’s needs. We truly believe this will be one of the defining experiences in your life. The vast majority of our patients tell us they can’t believe how easy LASIK was, and wonder why they waited so long in the first place. Changing lives is our passion. There is no greater joy for us than to be a part of this amazing, life-changing experience in our patients’ lives!