What to Expect on LASIK Procedure Day

Nov 16, 2018

A team member is explaining to the patient what to expect on the day of her procedure at Elite LASIK & Cataract in Indianapolis.Understandably, many patients are nervous about their LASIK procedure, and they don’t know what to expect. But, to most patients’ surprise, the procedure itself does not take very long, and there is minimal discomfort during and after it.

To help ease the nerves of prospective LASIK patients, here’s a guide on what to expect on your procedure day.


Arrival and Scans

On the day of your procedure, you will get to the office about an hour and a half before the actual procedure. In most cases, our techs will do some additional scans to verify you are still ready for the treatment. After the scans, you’ll talk to our surgeon, Dr. Zeh, and then get the chance to relax before your procedure.


Relaxation Before the Procedure

Before your LASIK procedure, our techs will put you in one of our relaxation rooms. In this room, you will get Valium to help you relax. You’ll be in this room for about 30 to 40 minutes prior to your procedure. During this time, you’ll get to lay back and relax with your eyes closed.


Procedure Time

You will only be in the procedure suite for 10 to 15 minutes. The LASIK laser treatment itself only lasts about 10 seconds per eye. Discomfort is minimal during the treatment. After the treatment, most patients notice that their vision is already better than it was right before the treatment. You’ll be able to leave right after your procedure is done.


After Procedure

It is normal to have cloudy or hazy vision right after a LASIK procedure. Our techs will give you some sunglasses to wear on your way home to protect your eyes. When you get home, we suggest that you take a long nap so you can sleep through most of the discomfort. You will come in the next day for a one-day post-op appointment, and then we will schedule one-week and one-month post-ops for you as well.


Your journey to visual freedom is easier than you think! If you’re ready to start your journey with LASIK, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today!