The Truth About LASIK Cost

Nov 20, 2018

Elite LASIK & Cataract Cost for LASIK

LASIK cost can be confusing because of all the different prices and offers that are advertised in the market. You might hear a special offer for $250 per eye, or maybe $1,000 for a lifetime plan. But, these prices are misleading and don’t usually apply to the average patient.

Beware of Low Starting Prices for LASIK

Some providers may advertise an inexpensive starting price for the procedure, but the patient has to meet multiple requirements to qualify. It could only be for patients who have insurance coverage for the procedure, which is not common, because most insurance companies do not cover LASIK costs. Or, the price could depend on a specific prescription, the type of laser used, or even if you have astigmatism or not. While the cost may start at a lower price, the average price for LASIK is between $1,800 and $2,200 per eye.

“Deals” on LASIK

Another red flag to watch out for with “deals” on LASIK is the type of laser that will be used. Some providers may advertise a special price on procedures that are done with an older, generic laser instead of a new custom laser. So, when it comes to the health of your eyes, getting a “deal” might not be the most important factor in deciding where to go.

Lifetime Plans

Lifetime plans at LASIK facilities are another important factor to consider and look into before signing up. Some Lifetime plans will become void under certain circumstances, especially if you don’t have annual exams. At 20/20 Institute, we offer a no strings attached Lifetime plan. We will do enhancement procedures on our patients for years after their initial surgery, even if they don’t have annual eye exams.


Here at 20/20 Institute, we use the most recent FDA approved lasers and equipment for all of the treatments we do. We also offer special pricing on LASIK and PRK procedures throughout the year, all without the specific requirements or qualifications, while still using the latest technology available.

If you’re ready to start your journey to 20/20 vision, contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!