Scans and Tests That Are Done at LASIK Evaluation

Nov 29, 2018

Eye exam at Elite LASIK & Cataract in Indianapolis

If you’re interested in LASIK, the first step is to make sure you’re a candidate. To do this, our patient care technicians and doctors will do a few different scans and tests on your eyes during your evaluation.


Checking Your Cornea

Our Pentacam scan is used to check the cornea. It checks the corneal thickness, because we need to know your corneal thickness to help us decide what procedure is best for you. This can also show us if the patient has astigmatism or any corneal abnormalities.


Checking Your Vision

The  AccuTarget™ scan checks for anything that could affect your vision. This could include dry eye issues and cataracts.



Our doctors will do a refraction test to check your current prescription. During the refraction test, you will look through a device called the phoropter, and the doctor will show you different lens choices. They will ask you which one is clearer, and based on your answers, they can determine your prescription, which will then help them ensure you have the best procedure.



During your initial evaluation, the doctor will do a dilated exam on your eyes. The dilation drops will take about 30 minutes to take full effect, and then the doctor will check your eyes with various lights and instruments. Dilating the eyes helps the doctor better examine the inside of your eyes. Dilation does make your eyes sensitive to light, so it is important to wear sunglasses for a few hours after your exam.


Our evaluations usually take about an hour and a half, because we want to ensure we are providing you with the procedure that is perfect for you. If you’re ready to start your journey to visual freedom, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today!