Patient Reported Outcomes with LASIK (PROWL) Study Overview

Jan 11, 2019

LASIK Study Overview

LASIK was approved by the FDA in 1998, and in 2009, the FDA began conducting a study of Patient Reported Outcomes with LASIK (PROWL) to better understand potential risks and success related to LASIK procedure. Patients filled out online questionnaires regarding their experience with LASIK. The first study surveyed 262 Naval personnel. The study was conducted again in 2014 with 312 patients from 5 private practices. 20/20 Institute was one of the practices involved in the PROWL study in 2014.

Some of the results from the  PROWL Study include:


  • More than 95% of participants were satisfied with their vision after their LASIK procedure
  • Only 27% of patients said they were satisfied with their vision prior to their LASIK procedure.
  • Less than 1% of patients experienced “a lot of difficulty” with or the inability to do daily tasks without glasses or contacts.


Overall, the PROWL study illustrated the LASIK is a safe and effective procedure and has a very low risk of visual problems like glare, halos or dry eye.

The PROWL study gave us a better understanding of outcomes and successes with the LASIK procedures. Here at 20/20 Institute, our goal is to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed through their entire LASIK journey. From the time our patients come in for their initial evaluation to the time they leave their one-year post-op appointment, we treat them like our family.

To learn more about our patients’ success stories, check out or patient testimonials and reviews on our website. And if you’re ready to start your LASIK journey, contact us to schedule your free consultation today!