LASIK Success

Jan 30, 2019

LASIK Success

Contrary to popular belief, LASIK is a safe, proven and effective procedure that can be life-changing for patients. Here at 20/20 Institute, about 98% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after their procedure.


Why LASIK is Successful

LASIK is a quick and safe procedure. With bladeless LASIK, only cool lasers are used during the procedure – no sharp instruments are used. This cuts down on the risk of infection after the procedure and makes the recovery quicker and smoother.

The cool lasers used during the LASIK procedure are not as irritating to the eyes.  The recovery is quick, and most patients report that they can see better right after sitting up from the procedure. By their 1 day post-op appointment, most patients can see 20/20 or better.


Why You Should Get LASIK

LASIK can improve your vision and free you from the burden of glasses and contacts. Not to mention, LASIK is safer than contacts, because your risk for infection is much lower with LASIK than with daily and extended wear contacts. If you’re worried about recovery time, LASIK recovery is quick. Most patients can resume normal activities, like driving and going to work, within about 24 hours.


LASIK is a safe and proven procedure that can change patients’ lives by freeing them from the burden of glasses or contacts. To start your journey to visual freedom, call us or contact us online to schedule your free consultation!