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We Make LASIK Affordable!

Stop paying for glasses and contacts! LASIK IS affordable! With prices comparable to the national average and the latest and greatest FDA approved technology, we pair the highest quality with straight-forward prices. Your eyes deserve unparalleled excellence. You deserve 5-star service, and your wallet deserves affordable and honest pricing.  Scroll down to see our financing options.

At the 20/20 Institute, the total cost for your LASIK procedure is comparable to the national average: $1799 to $2353 per eye depending on the plan you choose –not including current promotions or discounts where you can Save even more!

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cost of eyewear broken down at Elite LASIK & Cataract

By having the LASIK procedure, you can save up to $59,000 in your lifetime!



Payment Options That Fit Your Lifestyle


Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Charge

20/20 also accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as cash and cashier’s checks.

Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

LASIK is usually an allowed expense on these types of accounts. We always recommend that our patients confirm with their account provider that LASIK is an appropriate expenditure.


20/20 Institute partners with our patients to make LASIK affordable and stress-free. We do so by recommending the following payment options for procedures:

Alphaeon Credit

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Alphaeon Credit is a revolving credit line with your choice of no interest or with interest options. No Interest for 24 Months requires the patient to make equal monthly payments. All other No Interest plans only require minimum monthly payments.

Care Credit logo

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CareCredit is a healthcare credit card which we are able to offer to our Lifetime Plan patients at no interest if paid in full in 24 Months, and to our One Year Plan patients at no interest, if paid in full in 12 Months. The primary benefit of CareCredit is that when your procedure is paid off, you can still use your CareCredit card for other medical expenditures such as dental, and veterinary bills.