LASIK and Self-Esteem

Jan 5, 2019

LASIK and Self-Esteem

According to a recent study from Capella University, patients who had LASIK reported higher self-esteem and less symptoms of depression and stress after LASIK.

Relying on glasses or contacts can be a burden and can affect many aspects of a person’s life both personally and professionally, especially when doing everyday tasks like driving or reading. Depression and anxiety are often seen as coinciding conditions.


Higher Self Esteem and Less Depressive Symptoms after LASIK

Previous research studies focused on the effects of vision loss in older adults, but the Capella University study examined the effects of vision correction on younger working adults ages 22 to 55. The study compared patients’ depression symptoms, stress perception and self esteem before and after refractive vision correction surgery. The results indicated that the majority of patients’ depressive symptoms diminished after having LASIK or PRK.

Patient’s in the study also reported that their self-esteem significantly improved after having LASIK or PRK. Patients perceived themselves in a more positive light after their procedure, and they felt more confident in their personal and professional lives.


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