Benefits of LASIK for Athletes

Sep 12, 2019

Benefits of LASIK for Athletes Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, clear vision is critical to your performance. And while glasses and contacts are adequate visual aids, LASIK laser vision correction can give you the leg up on your competition. Some of the most prolific athletes of our time, including LeBron James, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, have elected to improve their vision with LASIK.

Read on as The 20/20 Institute highlights some of the benefits of LASIK for athletes.

Focus On Your Game

With LASIK, you no longer need to hassle with your glasses or your contact lenses before hitting the field or court. You can enjoy the confidence that comes with having great vision, free from corrective eyewear. LASIK allows you to concentrate on your performance without worrying that your glasses will get knocked off your face or your contacts will dry out or get dislodged in the middle of a crucial play. You don’t need to bother with bringing a spare pair of glasses or back-up contacts and lens solution to practices or games. And, you do not need to worry about keeping your vision prescription up to date or having an outdated prescription impede your vision and performance.

Adaptability to Environmental Factors

If you’re regularly exposed to elements like heat, water, wind, dust or snow during games or practices, glasses and contacts can get in the way of your play. Glasses can fog up or get streaked with rain or snow, and dust can get stuck behind your contacts.

With LASIK, you are free from having to worry about the elements and how they will interfere with your game. You can enjoy great vision in nearly any type of weather or lighting condition.

Quick Procedure with a Short Recovery

Although LASIK is a major medical procedure, you don’t have to worry about taking too much time off of your practice or game schedule. LASIK is a quick procedure with a very short recovery time. You will be back on the court or field in practically no time at all.

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